Sunday, 14 July 2024

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müstəqil jurnalistikanı dəstəklə

Dear audience!

Today we call you to join our fight!

Mikroskop Media has been covering Azerbaijan also in English, since 2021. 

We consider that it is vital to spread the truth about the authoritarian regime of South Caucasus in English. However, now it has become impossible to continue our work due to financial challenges.

Therefore, now we need the support of our Englishspeaker audience. 

Your monthly donation is important for us in order to continue to cover investigative stories on Azerbaijan, preparing reportages and fighting against propaganda of the government.

Despite the financial challenges so far we have managed to publish investigative stories together with OCCRP, Vice Media, and disclose the spendings of 19 million of euros from the state budget by the government for the building in Berlin, and for the first time ever in Azerbaijan independent media’s history we asked a question to Ilham Aliyev about the non-transparency of projects that are implemented in Karabakh. 

Donate to us in order to support us to continue doing our work that we have done so far. 

We call you to save independent journalism. 

We believe that you will not remain silent to our call. 

How many supporters do we need?

  • 1000 people – For Mikroskop Media’s survival 
  • 3000 people – For expanding the team and hiring more journalists, correspondents and editors 
  • 5000 people – For completely being free from financial difficulties. 

Will there be reports of donations? 

Sure! In each 6 months, reports of donations will be shared openly with anyone. Whether you donate to us or not, you’ll be able to see where donations are being spent.