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Who we are

What is Mikroskop?

As a device, a microscope shows particles that are invisible to the naked eye. As a media, the Microscope explores, reveals and explains the unseen aspects of what is happening.

Mikroskop Media, currently based in Berlin, was founded in exile by journalists Fatima Karimova and Javid Abdullayev.

Since February 6, 2018, we have been producing investigations, fact-checking materials, explanatory videos, monitoring and infographics.

From November 2021, the section in English is also active.


Photo of Fatimə Kərimova
Fatimə Kərimova

co-founder, editor-in-chief

Photo of Cavid Abdullayev
Cavid Abdullayev

co-founder, editor


OCCRP Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Member Center

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