Tuesday, 16 April 2024

Mikroskop Studio introducing

Mikroskop Studio is a creative hub specialising in producing infographics, illustrations, and spearheading cross-border projects.

Our dedicated team has spent the past six years collaborating with journalists from various countries, producing hundreds of illustrations, infographics, and executing numerous cross-border projects.

Building upon our extensive experience, we offer:



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Cross-border collaborations

Collaboration with VICE

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Collaboration with OCCRP

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Opinion pieces from the South Caucasus

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You can reach us at: studio@mikroskopmedia.com

Now, let’s talk about Mikroskop Media.

Mikroskop Media is an exiled media outlet that began its journey six years ago when two Azerbaijani journalists,
Fatima Karimova and Javid Abdullayev launched it in a refugee camp.

Now headquartered in Berlin, we provide coverage on updates from
Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus region in both Azerbaijani and English languages.

Here are some highlights of our work so far:

  • Documented the repression in Azerbaijan
  • Conducted the first-ever monitoring on femicide in Azerbaijan
  • Covered investigations on corruption
  • Exposed disinformation spread by pro-government media outlets

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